Siam Pasta

Dining on Dempster

This was my first time there, and will certainly not my last.  My GF and I rolled up on our bikes, and chained up to a parking meter outside 0f Siam Pasta.  We had both never been there, but thought it was time to try it out.  We found that SP has great outdoor seating (on a rooftop nonetheless,) very good service, and an expansive Thai menu with decent pricing.

Siam Pasta Spring Rolls

We ordered the Vegetable Rolls which were Jumbo sized, and in my opnion a little heavy on the plum sauce. They weren’t exactly swimming, but I prefer it as a decoration, then a staple of the dish.  We also had the cucumber salad.  It was basic, and refreshing, not too tangy.

Spring Rolls (menu)
Fresh Thai Salad Rolls filled w. steamed bean sprouts, cucumber, cooked tofu & scrambled eggs covered w. plum sauce.

Then we ordered the Panang Noodle with chicken which are crispy wide noodles topped in a curry flavored chili paste.  The noodles were actually crispy and not soggy as I had experienced at Vong’s Thai Kitchen in Chicago, but that’s a whole other review.

Siam Pasta Outdoor SeatingI would normally avoid neighborhood restaurants in Evanston south of Grove avenue, but this Dempster location is understated, and quiet which makes it that much more of a find.  Not over crowded, not trendy and not pretentious; opened my eyes to Evanston dining outside the campus area.  Authentic Thai staff, authentic Thai food, Authentic Thai experience.


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